Safeguarding Your HR-brand Reputation

Monitoring of the Feedback About HR-brand and Response

Almost every company at least once had a conflict with their employees. The reasons usually are rather trivial: incorrect behavior of the management, involuntary separations of staff or sabotage of the company employees. Although most of those conflicts were solved, they could be the reason of the negative feedback published by employees on the Internet. Those conflicts could be even successfully managed, but the reviews will stay spoiling the image of the company.

A few negative reviews is making it difficult to hire the new employees but a critical mass of the negative feedback stops this process at all.

Notice that: those reviews are often seen as indicators for the business so they require the response.

Negative Feedback About the Employer:

  • makes it difficult to hire qualified employees;
  • decreases the quality of the new entrants into your company;
  • slows down the process of finding the new ones employees;
  • spoils the image of the company in the business environment
  • has a negative influence on the company sales

How Does It Work?

  1. Every day we monitor the websites publishing company reviews.
  2. We monitor social media to seek out the feedback from your employees.
  3. We sing up on all appropriate web platforms as an official hr-brand.
  4. In case of new negative feedback we will inform you and offer possible response variants.
  5. The response will be published only after clearing it with you.

Notice that: monthly we provide you with the report on the monitoring results and adjustments to your HR-policy.


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