Investment Funds Monitoring

Investment Funds and Companies Monitoring

Working with investment funds is one of the major orientations of our agency.

Why Is This Important?

Profitability and cost-efficiency are the key indicators of any investment fund. Regular monitoring of feedback about fund and it’s projects will enable:

  • obtaining relevant information complementing the digital data;
  • more accurate estimate of the interim progress of portfolio companies;
  • conducting  a more careful selection of projects for your portfolio and minimize financial and reputational risks;
  • being aware of shifts in public opinion about your fund.

We Offer You Feedback Monitoring of:

  • your portfolio companies;
  • promising projects for investment;
  • relevant startups;
  • feedback about your fund;
  • your competitors’ activity.

You Will Be Provided With the Following Data:

  • your fund information field;
  • statistics of mentions of your company in publications;
  • mentions' ranks according to their priority;
  • feedback tone estimate;
  • information on the negative feedback appearance.

How Does It Work?

We monitor the websites and platforms, social and mass media, blogs and other web resources where any feedback may appear. We are combining automated and manual monitoring to you with the most relevant information and ensure maximum control of the feedback changes.

We will provide you with:

  • russian and foreign segments of the Internet monitoring services;
  • timely reports of all the mentions, trends and web resources.

Why Should You Approach Us?

  1. Working with investment funds is one of the major orientations of our agency.
  2. Our team of professional analysts, copywriters, editors and technical advisers provides comprehensive solutions and high quality results.
  3. Our consultants are the leading experts in the field of the investment market.


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